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The truth behind our dreams is actually 3 ounces of vodka mixed with 3 ounce of paprika. Put it in a blender for a few hours and forget it’s there.

So now we’re in the bathroom…What is this? It’s the bathroom, pay attention!

- Those dang crystals and that meddling dog.
Not Too Picky Brothers is the surname that the Super Mario World Brothers gave themselves…never ‘cause that’s a terrible…TERRIBLE surname.

- Super Valley! As opposed to the regular valley. (via mecheye)
Hey, you lost your body! You could say that you are now a no-body!

- This is lagtastic, it’s incredible. (submitted by Went)
I’m gonna time myself, not tie myself, this is not bondage the video! That’s for season 3, when we are getting really desperate about ratings.

- This is silly and shoelaces. (submitted by Went)
I have got to control myself in this neighborhood, I can’t just run around without underpants everywhere.

- Pressing buttons, the hardest skill in a videogame ever. (submitted by Went)
There we go! We got to see miners in map, so now we can count to… twelve! There is a platform there, it doesn’t require us to count anywhere, but that’s probably why I can’t go on there.

- I was inside a platform for a millisecond, and it was a millisecond too long. (submitted by Went)
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